Language School

We are committed to providing quality teaching in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.
Our principles are based on the idea of personal growth through learning, solidarity and tolerance.

The School

Lorca Institute offers innovative methods for teaching foreign languages with the most advanced approaches in communication, always focusing on the student as the centre of learning. We engage our students in real-life situations so they can use what they have learned in class. With this methodology, we want to prepare the student for real communication —oral or written— with other speakers of the language.

Before you enrol, we do a free, no-commitment level test to check your starting level of the language you wish to learn. Depending on your result, and taking into account your objectives and your availability, we will recommend the group or groups that are most suitable for you.

At Lorca Institute we don’t like to “sit exams” in class. We want you to make the most of the time in the classroom speaking and interacting with your classmates and teachers. Therefore we offer the possibility to come to the school and do mock exams once a week. These will be corrected and given back in the regular class to guarantee exam success. These additional exam preparation hours are totally free.

“I was cold and I didn’t ask for fire, I was terribly thirsty and I didn’t ask for water: I asked for books, that is to say for horizons, that is to say for stairs to climb to the top of the spirit and the heart”
Federico García Lorca

Our team

High qualification


Our staff is composed of teaching staff with a high qualification in all cases, in addition, in many cases, native teachers.

Our centers

Come visit us

Our main office is located in Rúa Hórreo where we offer classes in 8 different languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Galician, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Our other centre in Rúa Camelias has many classrooms designed for children 7 years old and over.