Courses for companies

Individual or group classes, for business or for tourism.

Courses for companies

Language courses for companies

More and more, companies must increase their contact with foreign countries. In order to ensure a good service, it is essential to be fluent in the language of the main clients and suppliers. In this context, we offer language courses that are designed for the professional sphere, specially for the logistics, hospitality and construction sectors.

Classes can take place at our school or at your facilities, and when it best suits your needs.

As in all of our courses, we first do a test in order to determine the level of the group. We then design the course according to your needs and objectives so that the process of learning is as efficient as possible.

Besides, we want to train students for real communication, both oral and written, but with a focus on speaking. For this purpose, we use texts, listenings, games and activities that imitate the business world.

For students who choose English, we suggest that they register for the BULATS test, which is especially thought for the professional world and assesses the communicative skills of the candidate at the workplace.

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